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The Paradigm Sports / Lectronic Kaddy battery load tester is designed to quantify the “usable” amount of power stored in a 12 volt lead/acid battery, such as those used in the Paradigm Sports ClubRunner and Lectronic Kaddy brands of battery powered golf carts.

The Battery Load Tester applies a fixed, resistive load to a fully charged battery while discharging it to a point referred to as the 100 percent discharged level. The terminal voltage at this point is actually 10.2 volts, but is the voltage at which the battery’s discharge cycle should be considered complete and no longer suitable to power the equipment. A timer records the total time of discharge. This time indicates the effective power available from the battery and, therefore, its suitability for use.

Connect the battery to the tester after charging has been completed. Start testing by pressing the activation button. The indicator light will extinguish when the testing is complete and the timer display will indicate the battery's capacity. The suitability of the battery can then be determined.

Unit includes adaptors for all Lectronic Kaddy battery connectors.

Battery Load Tester #3098 3098$240.00