New carts not currently not available as we change motor suppliers.  We have one silver demo available for $250 off.

The World's
best-selling remote since it's introduction in 2000.
All metal, dual, gear-driven
gearboxes make it the
toughest, most
responsive remote
on the market.

Enjoy hands-free, all-weather remote
control to 200 yards.

Dynasteer Control
Lightweight, high-tensile strength, aircraft aluminum body weighs 20 pounds without battery

Quick-tightening twist knob disconnects in seconds for easy, convenient storage. Takes up no more space than a conventional golf bag


Enclosed, corrosion-resistant body design, and hardened stainless steel drive axles allow quick, easy cleaning.

Superior sealed lead acid battery for long life and dependability

Three-stage charger provides
quick and accurate charging.

 Twin-motor, gear reduction drive units power hi-traction, flat profile urethane tires for exceptional hill climbing.



Wide wheel base and hilltamer rear-wheel assembly provide spring-assisted stability on even the steepest inclines.




(includes $12 shipping)





The Dyna Steer carries
a 2-year warranty and
is backed by a nationwide
network of more than
200 service centers.




Smooth-flow front wheel is computer-designed with a parabolic profile for the easiest of turns.

Dynamic speed, turning, braking and
stop/start functions.
No need for reverse to complicate matters. DynaSteer's unique steering automatically selects one of two turning modes— course correction mode for normal fairway traversing, or zero radius tuning, for full, quick turns.
(USA) 800.508.5408
(CANADA) 905.791.5552
300 Canal Street
Lawrence, MA 01840


2017 Fall Special: Order a Dyna-Steer, get a free Hilltamer stabilizer wheel
2017 Fall Special: Order a Dyna-Steer, get a free Hilltamer stabilizer wheel

Order a Dyna-Steer this Spring, and add a Hilltamer Stabilizer wheel an $85 value for free. Just follow the link for details on how to add a free Hilltamer to your Dyna-Steer order.

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