ClubRunner Motorcaddie Fleet Rental Program

ClubRunner Leasing Q & A

Will renting a motorcaddie diminish my riding cart rental business?
Research shows that golfers have a preferred method to get around the golf course and switch only infrequently. In fact, before buying their ClubRunners, 93 percent of ClubRunner owners used a pullcart or carried their clubs, versus only 7 percent who were cart riders. A ClubRunner rental fleet lets you earn more from golfers who prefer to walk rather than ride.

Will golfers really want to rent these motorcaddies?
Courses currently leasing ClubRunners are amazed at their growing popularity. One private club in Southern California recently bought six caddies for rental, and within two months had to buy another six to keep up with the demand. Once golfers use a motorcaddie, they never want to golf without one again.

How long will the battery last?
If properly maintained - recharging batteries with a gel-cell specific charger after every use (even after only nine holes), and storing batteries fully charged and in a cool location in the off season - batteries will last 4-5 years.

How will ClubRunners impact the rate of play?
In a year-long study, the USGA recently looked at the factors that determine the rate of play. The study found that the pace of play is the same for walkers and cart riders if riding carts are allowed full access to the fairway. But if carts are restricted to cart paths, then walking is faster - 10 to 14 percent faster. Walkers in this study either carried their bags or used a pull-cart. Although it hasn't yet been studied, ClubRunners will likely speed the rate of play over pull carts.

  • ClubRunner wholesales and retails for hundreds of dollars less than any other motorcaddie, and yet it rents for the same rental rate, making the economics better than any other brand.
  • Paradigm's Service network includes more than 350 service centers across the country. No other company comes close to that amount of coverage. If you qualify, we can even establish your facility as a service center.
  • Parts prices and availability are the best in the industry. Some of the motorcaddie companies are U.K.-based and parts can take three months to reach you, while costing up to three times what ClubRunner parts cost.
  • Paradigm offers the best battery charging system in the industry. Our charger is built specifically for gel cell batteries, which maximizes battery life. In addition, we offer a "gang" charger which allows you to charge eight batteries at once, vastly simplifying your battery maintenance program.

ClubRunner Motorcaddies Are Pulling For You
A ClubRunner rental fleet offers an attractive new service for your golfers, and a valuable profit center for your club, especially when you consider some of its advantages.

Reduced turf damage - Unlike riding carts, ClubRunners don't leave tire ruts or compact your turf. This reduces your course - and cart path - maintenance costs.

A motorized alternative for wet conditions - Wet conditions limit carts to cart paths or prohibit their use altogether. ClubRunners give golfers a motorized alternative for wet conditions, increasing course use and the speed of play.

Reduced capital requirements - ClubRunners cost just a fraction of what you'd play for a golf cart (one-tenth, in most cases), yet rent for almost half of cart rental rates.

Reduced insurance costs - Insuring carts gets expensive. A ClubRunner rental fleet reduces your riding fleet - and your insurance costs.

Reduced financing costs - Most courses find the ClubRunner so affordable that they can purchase them outright, and save the high financing costs associated with lease programs.

Dependability and reliability - Built in the U.S. since 1991, the ClubRunner motorcaddie - formerly the MinnKola Golf Caddie - is nearly maintenance free. Its sealed 12-volt electric motor is built for rigorous outdoor use, and its electronics are fully protected from anything that nature, your course or your golfers can throw at them. Warranty and a service network - If anything should go awry, Paradigm Sports has an extensive nationwide network of 450 service centers committed to repairing your ClubRunner quickly to keep it working for you. We also guarantee to ship all parts within 24 hours, a promise our foreign competitors can't make.