Scorecard Valet

Stop searching for those hard to find accessories! This lightweight all-in-one golf accessory pack attaches to either the handle of your caddie or to your bag. Includes:
  • Divot tool/wrench
  • Club/spike brush
  • Pencil and sharpener
  • Two ball markers
  • Four tees

Provides you with all the essentials in a compact durable unit (click on line diagram, at left, to expand). Only recommended for ClubRunners or Minn Kotas which have the aluminum handle with the cord channel running down the length of the tube.

Scorecard Valet - Available in black or gray K8800$19.95Color: 

Scorecard Valet in black

The scorecard holder is also available in black and can be placed on any motorized or pull cart. It also comes with a clip which allow you to clip it on to your golf bag.

Scorecard Valet in black K8800B$19.95